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First entry

:Blinks around: Well, guess I should start this ball rolling...

A bunch of the songs I associate with Buffy or Angel characters are a direct result of me having seen excellent music vids (hence the reason "Drops of Jupiter" by Train is forever an Angel/Cordelia song for me). Others just have me hearing a particular line or verse and thinking "that's like the time when X and Y do this and this". Quite often I collect songs together in soundtracks for a character or relationship. It's when you manage to put together a 16-track CD devoted to the Wesley/Connor pairing that you start to think words like "obsession". And then you start LJ communities to try and draw others in.

So, without very much ado, some songs from me:

Jet Pack by Eve 6
Andrew/Warren, particularly Seeing Red
Fish in a barrel. Any song that has the line "you're the one with the jet pack strapped to your back ready to go" has got to be about my boy Andrew and his boy Warren.

Beautiful Boy by John Lennon
Angel and Connor, pre-Sleep Tight
Written by John Lennon about his baby son. I just like the irony of the line "I can hardly wait until you come of age".

One Fine Day by The Chiffons
Yes, I like my Andrew slash. Yes, this features the word "girl" quite prominently. It's still oddly fitting for Xandrew.

Female of the Species by Space
"She deals in witchcraft" indeed, and Warren would probably agree that the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

Right, that's enough from me for now. Who's up next?
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